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The Antiques you have in your home, could be cash in your hand. webuyallantiques.com would love to see those items, you could be sitting pretty if you've got something we are looking for. Cashing in your old Antiques is as easy as 1-2-3.

Please note: We're only interested in Antiques worth more than £25

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Fill in the online form, detailing everything about the item that you know. Don't forget to mention any damage or repairs that may have been made to the item. Take pictures of your item and upload them using the forms 'Add image' facility.

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Once we’ve received your email, we will check the credentials of your item and contact you with a valuation and hopefully an offer to purchase it.

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If you wish to proceed with the sale, send your item to us and subject to seeing it, we will confirm our offer and pay you the agreed amount direct into your bank account.

Webuyallantiques.com. Thinking of selling your Antiques online, want to make a little extra cash by selling you Antiques? It couldn't be easier to find out what you Antiques are worth, we value your Antiques, and offer you a sale price for the Antiques you want to sell. Looking for somewhere to sell your Antiques online? WebuyallAntiques.com buys Antiques directly from our customers online. Simply complete the online form and send us pictures of your antiques, and we'll do the rest.

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